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Get healthier, shinier and bouncier hair using our stylishly designed Combs such as Plastic Combs, Plastic Hair Combs....

About Our Company

We all have the right to look and feel fabulous. With an aim to empower you with beauty and confidence, we, Deepti Enterprise, bring for you one of the most important things that is considered an essential in your beauty arsenal, i.e., Combs. Our online beauty kit has different types of Plastic Combs, Plastic Hair Combs, Wooden Combs, Plastic Binding Combs, Pocket Combs, etc. Whether used simply for straightening a tangled mane, teasing your hair or giving a lift to a pompadour, our Combs are designed to glide through your hair without causing hair breakage that oftentimes results from friction and tugging.

What is it that makes our range of Combs worth purchasing you may ask? The answer is that we as a trusted manufacturer ensure no substandard materials are used in their design and they are crafted with care from a series of high grade natural and synthetic resources like wood, plastic, etc. Static free and firm to hold, these are even suitable for detangling and styling long and densely curled hair. One of our most sought after products is Wooden Combs, which we make available in both wide and narrow toothed designs. These are often demanded for use as scalp massagers. Natural wooden fibers used enhance blood flow, activate natural oil and as such, has a conditioning effect on the hair.

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A Wide Variety for Meeting Endless Styling Needs

Construction is the main thing which we take into account while designing our range. This is because customers often look for the design when singling out the perfect Plastic Combs, Plastic Hair Combs, Wooden Combs, Plastic Binding Combs, Pocket Combs, etc. For styling convenience of clients, we offer Combs in multiple designs & types - Plastic ones that are affordable and flexible, Wooden ones that give user excellent grip control and have long service life and Pocket Combs that easily fit inside small purses and handbags and are suitable for on-the-go grooming.

Why Our Combs?

As grooming and styling instruments, Combs are indispensable. However, what makes our range a cut above the rest are the following factors:
  • Availability in narrow, medium and wide tooth styles
  • Teeth are smoothly tapered and are soft on the scalp
  • Excellent grip and great glide control featured in all models
  • Anti-static, light in weight and easy to carry around
  • Do not lead to scalp irritation as these are made using skin friendly materials